A new series “The Wish-Fulfilling Land” : watercolour on paper

TUI - "Me he korokoro tui te kaikorero, ka ki te whare i te hunga kua whakarauika ki te whakarongo ki a ia"
If the speaker is an articulate orator, the house will be full of people who have gathered to listen to him/her.

‘The Orator’ acrylic on canvas

SO : Portrait of Simon Ogden, Artist . Reverse painted onto glass


SANCTUARY : Reverse painted onto glass

Whakapapa : Acrylic and pencil on paper

                                                                                                                                        2018 : The biannual ADAM PORTRAIT AWARD at the NZ Portrait Gallery is an internationally recognised exhibition. This portrait of Sara Scott “The Potter”, was accepted and toured throughout New Zealand.


“THE POTTER” : Sara Scott                 


A project with The Paper Rain Project designing and painting on a blank skateboard. I.C.U’ acrylics on wood.

Tu Mai Ra

Winner of the Peters Doig Supreme Art Award 2016

PETERS DOIG ART AWARD 2016 : “Tu Mai Ra” portrait of Peter Kohe Love receives the Supreme Award. This portrait in acrylics on canvasboard impressed the judges particularly with the emotions and life expressed through the face and hands.


acrylic on canvas

“SON” acrylics on clothboard. Selected for the 2013 NZ National Portrait Award

CAMEOS : a series of monochromatic paintings using gouache, acrylics, pencil and ballpoint pen on shaped board.

'Traveller' mixed media

‘Traveller’ mixed media

'Solo mixed media

‘Solo’ mixed media


'Jump' mixed media

‘Jump’ mixed media

'Crossing the Dateline' mixed media Crossing the Dateline’ mixed media[/caption]

Caroline with "Half Light" - acrylics on clothboard. Awarded 5th prize at Peters Doig exhibition 2015, Marlborough NZ.

“Half Light” receives Highly Commended at the Peters Doig Award 2015


'Half Light'

‘Half Light’ : acrylics on clothboard.

This series is inspired by the poetry of Buddhist philosopher and writer, Daisaku Ikeda

IT DOES NOT MATTER (IF NO-ONE SEES IT) - based on a poem acrylics on board 300 x 450 mms

“It does not matter (if no-one sees it)”

with a heart unendingly tall email

“With a heart unendingly tall”

on a clear night of passing

“On a clear night of passing”


WHEN IF NOT NOW -  acrylics on board 380 x 300 mms


NEVER UNTIL NOW -  acrylics on board 380 x 300 mms


NOW WHERE LAND - acrylics on board 600 x 380 mms


flock around the clock

“Flock around the Clock” (commissioned)

Book Cover

Bookcover for publication about Chinese immigrants in New Zealand

Marlborough Wine Map

Poster size map of the Marlborough region showing wineries in situ. Commissioned

One thought on “Paintings

  1. Found the website.
    How serendipitous you have two ‘Karanga’ paintings! Particularly enjoy the Wellington one (especially with that riroriro whakatauki), and the Earthmothers
    Enjoyed meeting and talking with you this afternoon
    Ka kite i a koe a tērā noho ki Omakai i Haratua

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