Caroline della Porta makes compositions using textiles, paint, printed imagery from original artwork and embroidery to create layered wall panels and small pieces that tell stories. They catch your eye, drawing you closer into a world where pattern, colour and texture play with the light and the perception of reality.

In 2018, plans began for a collaborative project between Caroline, Marlborough Museum and the Marlborough Embroiderers Guild.  Provisionally named “Banksy’s Book” and based on excerpts from Joseph Banks’ 1790’s diary – the botanist on board the HMS Endeavour with Capt. James Cook, Caroline devised line and colour designs for the Guild to use to create embroidered panels. Here are a few of the 17 final pieces. We hope to publish a book in the near future.


“Asia Quarter” silk and embroidered banner

At Icon Gallery, Upper Moutere

At Icon Gallery, Upper Moutere


Haora panel

Mary Goes Bush

MARY GOES BUSH – a classical shepherdess and her lamb are transported to the New Zealand bush – 550 x 300 mms mixed media panel

Mary Goes Bush (detail)

detail from MARY GOES BUSH


BLESSING – original painting printed onto vinyl cut-out, fabric, acrylic paint, embroidery thread – 400 x 550 mms

Wisdom Courage & Compassion

WISDOM, COMPASSION, COURAGE – original painting printed onto vinyl cut-outs, fabric and embroidery thread – 350 x 350 mms each

A bird made by hand ....

A BIRD MADE BY HAND vintage fabrics, acrylic paint and embroidery thread 250 x 250 mm

Felt brooches Oct 2010

Felted wool, fabric and embroidered brooches

millefiore teacosy

“Millefiore” teacosy from a series : crochet, embroidery and applique

millefiore teacosy

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